December - Closing Out 2017

Regular pioneers of the Lago Atitlán Inglés congregation, taken after the annual Elders Meeting with Regular Pioneers.

Such a small world! Zach and Georgia (left) were in our congregation in Simpsonville, SC, USA and were accepted to SKE and then assigned to special metropolitan witnessing in Chicago, IL. Ambyr (right) is from Illinois and visited Panajachel less than a month before spotting Zach and Georgia doing public witnessing at the airport.

My friend Adam was visiting from Wales and rented a motorcycle while here. One day he let me borrow the motorcycle for a ride around the lake and I got to see some unique views of the lake.

Sebastian helps me with some of the gardening sometimes. He's my best bud.

One of my Bible students, Craig, regularly attends meetings and he heard it announced that we had the inside cleaning assignment. He asked if he could come help.

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