September-November – A New Service Year, and Some Changes

This time of year brings the most beautiful sunsets of the entire year.

We moved to Panajachel in May 2016, but we completed our first full service year in August of 2017, and we had a great year – the kids acclimated to their new home and found many reasons to be happy here, Leiane and I successfully completed our first year of pioneering and went to pioneer school together, and much, much more. That said, there was room for improvement.

We had to be really honest with ourselves and reevaluate some things. One of the biggest was that we were extremely busy with pioneering and myself being one of two elders in the congregation. We thought we had a good plan in place for the children, to do their homeschooling and accomplish outlined chores. But, when the parents are away, the kids will play. In other words, the children needed more structure at home, which meant one of us needed to be there more. Though no one ever wants to stop pioneering, after much prayer and consideration we made the decision that I would stop pioneering (for now). This would provide the children with the guidance and encouragement they needed at home and also allow me to give more time to my responsibilities as an elder without quite so much stress.

Sebastian and I stop for a treat while in the ministry across Lake Atitlan in Santiago.

There is some really good wind coming down the river valley - the perfect place for Sebastian to fly his kite.

We have felt five or six earthquakes now, but this one was the strongest and lasted the longest.

It's always great to see some familiar faces from back 'home.' Jada and Laura got some good Guatemalan expsosure.

Sebastian with Jada and Laura – quite the ladies' man! Look at that confident smile!

While in ministry in Santiago, I met this awesome Japanese couple. After SKE, they were assigned to a Quiché congregation near Quetzaltenango (Xela). He speaks five languages and give public talks in four of them!

A cool view on a ministry day in Tzununa.

I don't have quite as many opportunities to pick up my camera, but loved that Brett & Ashley hired me to do their (belated) 10th anniversary photos.

Aww - ain't they cute?

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