Are you tired of seeing pictures of Lake Atitlán? No? Me neither. This photo was taken one day while doing public witnessing down by the lake on the main walkway. The cloud formations, colors and overall feel change almost daily, making it a view you never really tire of seeing.

I couldn't come up with any quip or neat saying for June, so the title of this blog post is just 'June.'

Aside from getting ready for our trip back to the US for the month of July, June was mostly a normal month too. We had a good number of visitors and a lot of activity in the field ministry, so the month flew by fast.

Sebastian joins me in my hammock for some chill-out time.

The kids and I went to the beach for a few hours, and I surprised them with pizza!

Heidi is growing! She has a clean bill of health, only left with a bit of a limp from where she was hit by a vehicle.
Evie and Leiane did a great job handling their part on the midweek meeting.
Evie had a busy month with student parts. This time she is Michaela's householder.

What do you do when all the brothers have assignments and you still need someone to control the sound and videos? You call upon one of the very capable sisters in our midst. Show them how it's done Nat!

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