Wedding 'March'

I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a Guatemalan couple in Panajachel atop the Hotel del Lago.
March was a busy month…but then again it seems all months are quite busy! A big event in the month was the wedding of Neto and Nancy. Neto is a local Guatemalan brother that was in the English congregation when we first moved to Panajachel. Along with the other elder that arrived at about the same time as us, the three of us were able to enjoy serving the congregation together as a service committee. When we first learned that Neto was dating Nancy (his sweetheart from years ago), we feared it would be the end of our threesome, since Nancy and her daughter were not fluent in English. While we are all extremely happy for Neto and Nancy, we were sad to see Neto leave us in November. That said, we still see him and his new family often and we remain good friends, and he even asked me to be their wedding photographer.

I sold a lot of my photography equipment from the days I was shooting weddings, events and portraits in the United States, so I was a little intimidated to be faced with working with less, but with improvisation coupled with working with a cool, easy going couple, we were able to capture some good images for them to remember their wedding day.

In the wedding talk, Sam emphasizes the importance of having Jehovah always involved in the marriage, making a three-fold cord.

Neto and Nancy making their vows.

A wider-angle look at the wedding venue. With the backdrop of the lake and volcanoes on such a clear day, it really couldn't have been planned any better.
The wedding reception that followed the ceremony was full of color, light, sound and dancing!

Bubbles, balloons and bachata – this reception had it all!

A tender moment between Neto and Nancy during their final dance.

A big shout out to my oldest daughter, Evie – my assistant and (sometimes reluctant) lighting model for the day!

We did a lot of other things during the month of March too – ministry (of course), security updates and construction work on the Kingdom Hall and letter writing to Russia alongside millions of other brothers and sisters doing the same worldwide.

Our spectacular view while in the ministry on the road from Tzununa to San Marcos.

After a break-in attempt, a number of new security measures were put into place, including a security system and higher fence and gate at the front of the Kingdom Hall.

On stage are three of the five members of a family from Hardeeville, South Carolina, USA that were with us for three months. Here, the father/husband, Stephen, gives Tim and I a break by being chairman for the Our Christian Life & Ministry meeting while two of his daughters, Phoebe and Hannah, do the Bible study demonstration.

Stephen and Drew take a moment after lunch to have some fun with the mascot at the ice cream shop. Preach the Word, be at it urgently, but stop and have fun when appropriate too. Stop and smell the roses, take in the sights – make ministry enjoyable!

To support our brothers in Russia, Stephen and his family hosted two letter writing sessions at their rental home.

Brothers and sisters from Guatemala were able to send over 31,000 letters, weighing in at more than 621 pounds. Everyone that could contributed toward the shipment of these letters, and the result was amazing. Since we had so much to ship, the parcel company gave us a special rate, to the effect that the funds received in contribution were nearly twice the cost, which made a very nice donation to the worldwide work! 

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