I Try to Come Up With Clever Post Titles, But Sometimes...

It really is picturesque here, so its hard not to start a blog post by sharing a beautiful photo. I took this photo on a 'family day' when we went to San Jorge, about halfway up to Sololá. Panajachel is the town you see on the left, our home.

...Sometimes All I Have are Random Pictures and Stories

And then sometimes, all I have are pictures! If I was a better blogger, I would probably have just a couple of photos and a good story to go with them.

My beautiful and amazing wife on our 17th anniversary.
For our first anniversary in Guatemala, Leiane and I went to Hotel Atitlan to tour the botanical garden and enjoy dinner together. I had the privilege of giving the part on the midweek meeting, "The Bible Describes a Capable Wife." Taking the time to really reflect on Jehovah's viewpoint of a capable wife gave me the opportunity to gain even more appreciation for not only how great my wife is, but also for the beautiful arrangement of marriage that Jehovah has blessed me with.

One of the stores that we shop at most, Chalos, started carrying a better wine selection. We found a winner!

After the weekend meeting one week, we went to lunch at a restaurant with another family. Madisyn and Sebastian spent most of their time playing in a tree in the courtyard.
After spending the day in the ministry, Evie and I went to a restaurant to enjoy lunch together and have her study. 

Lights Out!

We received notice that all the towns around Lake Atitlan would be without power for a whole day, and that day happened to be on a Tuesday, the day of our midweek meeting. With a bit of communication and thinking outside the box, we were able to put together an impromptu audio system. As it turned out, we had a great meeting!

Evie and Liz Briones doing the Bible study assignment with the impromptu audio equipment.
Since the electricity was out, my iPad had to serve as the means of showing the video on my Living as Christians part.

Guess what? We have a guacamole tree in our backyard!
Unfortunately, water pipe that runs near the tree had been leaking for a while, and the avocados had no flavor.
We've had the water pipe repaired (see below), so hopefully the next crop will be better.
This water pipe going across our back yard actually runs from the callejon beside our house to our neighbor's yard.
Initially it was repaired, but with old PVC. Sometime during the night, the pressure compromised the repair and the pipe split (see video below). What you see in this picture is the temporary fix – a bicycle tire inner tube wrapped around the pipe and then held in place with multiple pieces twisted wire.
The failed initial repair of the water pipe. We were upstairs sleeping when it happened. Somehow, the stream of water was strategically aimed at three (non-weather sealed) windows, and we woke to water flooding into the stairs, living room, and downstairs bathroom.

A good day at the market netted us 2 pineapples, 5 eggplants, 1 head of lettuce, 5 pounds of potatoes, 3 onions, 6 zucchini, 3 pounds of strawberries, 6 tomatoes, a bunch of radishes and a bunch of cilantro – for less than $10 (USD).
With a number of visitors, we had a large group going to Solola for ministry this day, piled in the back of a pickup truck.

Fresh chicharrones! Also known as pork crackling, this is pig skin with fat and a little meat cooked in boiling oil.

Work hard, do your best, take time to relax. My hammock is my relaxation.

To end this post, the end of a day in Panajachel, with the sun setting behind Volcan San Pedro.

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