A Little Green, and A Little Less Green

The amazing view we get to enjoy while doing public witnessing at the San Marcos dock.

A Little Green

Well, it has been 10 years since Leiane and I continuous auxiliary pioneered together for a year, and over 15 years since regular pioneering. Now that we have the first two months of the service year behind us, I must admit, we are still a little green.

When I first started pioneering, I was single and living at home with my dad – incredibly different circumstances. There are just a few more things to juggle now, and like any other change in life, we know that it will take just a little more time to adapt. It all really comes down to good planning, abundant confidential talk and most of all, leaning on Jehovah. Sometimes it is the simple things, like making sure we have food at the house for meals the next day, or planning which of the kids are going out in the ministry on which days, etc. that help us to stay grounded and help us feel like we have a better handle on our new lifestyle. Some people move to areas like Panajachel for the 'slower pace of life' or to escape the 'rat race' – but one can be quite busy here too! Busy isn't a bad thing though, it just depends on what you are busying yourself with. A long-time evangelizer once said, “Keep yourself busy in Jehovah’s organization, and you will avoid many problems.”

It is so great to see those hungry for spiritual truth. Here, while public witnessing on the San Marcos dock, one of the boat captains and the jefe sit and read Bible based publications they chose from the stand.
Marina has become a constant feature around the public witnessing stand on Santander. On this day, I gave her the book My Book of Bible Stories in Spanish. She sat and read for over an hour and then came over and watched all of the Become Jehovah's Friend videos. Since then, she always comes over and watches the videos, all of which she has seen many times.

On this day in the ministry, we came home soaked – for the 4th time that week; still smiling though!
What a great first month pioneering we had! Coupled with the regional convention, we were so busy and tired but at the same time had a lot of excitement. Leiane has a study started with a woman in San Pedro and I am studying with a man here in Panajachel who was the former mayor. I know I'm probably leaving out a lot of details, but hopefully some of the pictures on the blog posts or on Instagram will fill in the gaps.

A Little Less Green

For at least the last couple years, the wall at the back of the stage at our Kingdom Hall was a bright limey green color (see it here). Some people liked it I guess, though I never met anyone that told me they liked it themselves. Finally, the wall has been painted to match the other walls the hall, and I think it is so much more pleasing to look at.

The new and improved color on the stage wall. Ah... much better!
View of our Kingdom Hall from the rear during one of our meetings.

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