Remain Loyal to Jehovah 2016 Regional Convention in San Salvador, El Salvador

Most of our congregation together on Sunday at the Remain Loyal to Jehovah 2016 Regional Convention in San Salvador, El Salvador.
We've been to a number of regional conventions (past, district conventions), but this one was a standout for many reasons. For one, it meant travel to another country we had never been to, El Salvador. Also, it was the first time that we would be part of a foreign language convention. Additionally, and really most impactful, was the spiritual food, counsel and guidance included in the three day feast.

Our travel to San Salvador was pleasantly uneventful, traveling about nine hours or so in a public transport van with six others and the driver (that's a total of 13 people). Some have said that it is the people that can make or break a trip like this, and that may be so, but all I know is that I would have no reason to do it any differently next year. We didn't have any troubles in transit, and it was probably the cheapest way to go (since we do not have our own vehicle).

First, I went with a couple of our traveling companions to the Walmart closest to our hotel and shopped for groceries for lunch and a few things for the hotel room during our stay. After that, it was early lights out for a good night's sleep so we could enjoy the first day of the convention. Each day involved riding in a taxi for a 10 minute trip to the convention center.

Fun fact: The official currency of El Salvador is the US Dollar.

The chairman's address was given by Shawn Verbeek, our circuit overseer.
I was privileged to give talks on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.
Some of the sisters in our congregation get together for a nice group photo.
And then they show their true colors!
Traveling to El Salvador on their independence day meant the possibility of getting stuck for hours behind one of the hundreds of parades in the various towns. Fortunately, we only got delayed about 30 minutes by one such parade.

A quick view of the convention hall used for the Regional Convention.

We were invited to a local family's home for a get together on the last day of the convention. Pizza, familiar faces, new friends and dancing themed the night, and it was very much appreciated. Here, Sebastian shows everyone how it's done.

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