All Work and No Play - Not What Jehovah Intended

I found a great 'hole in the wall' cafe that makes the best cappuccino I've ever had. Incidentally, it is right across the street from one of the more popular cafes on Santander. (Yes it took me 30 minutes and a six man lighting crew to get this shot.)
Jehovah is definitely a god of balance and order, and as such, we know he does not expect his dedicated servants to live a life of 'all work and no play.' So, we have to remember to stop and enjoy ourselves too; we wouldn't want to lose our joy after all. Sometimes it is just the little things that provide the needed balance - enjoying a cup of coffee, goofing around with brothers at the Kingdom Hall, or going to play basketball on Sunday afternoon. We also enjoy hosting others for a meal at our home or have the privilege of being hosted at someone else's home.
Madi, Pierce, Drew, myself and Neto goofing around about how many people we can fit on a scooter. FYI, we didn't (and couldn't) ride this way.
Getting some exercise playing full court basketball on a Sunday. Usually we play inside the gymnasium you see at the right of the photo, but sometimes we have to play down and dirty, on the outdoor court with no nets.

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