Adventures in the Ministry - Tzununa, Sololá, San Marcos, San Pedro and Pana


On of the many scenic views while in the ministry in Tzununa.
Leiane overlooking the dock where we started from (left). One of the nicely developed properties in Tzununa (right).

Interesting Asian architecture in the hills between Tzununa and San Marcos.
One of the scenic views while walking the territory in Tzununa.

Another view further into the territory in Tzununa.

Birds sing their beautiful songs along the dirt road from Tzununa to San Marcos.


On Mondays to get to Sololá, we catch a ride on a pickup truck with a welded frame in the truck bed. In addition to being a fun ride with the group, the scenery is fantastic.

Pierce plays the role of ayudante, reminding us of our destination.

This great multiple tiered waterfall is on the way from Panajachel to Sololá. I want to stop and enjoy it sometime instead of just driving past it.

Looking back over Lake Atitlán on the way to Sololá.
People watching: we love seeing the colorful dress of the traditional Guatemalan attire.
Results: At the public witnessing stand, a local woman comes and takes a "Learn from the Great Teacher" book. We watch across from the square as she sits and reads it for over an hour. Then she comes back and asks for another; initially, we thought it was odd, but then we watched as she took it to a friend stationed across the road, who then sat and read the book also.

San Marcos

On our way to San Marcos for the ministry. We've been here almost five months and the view never gets old. Others that have been here for three years or more say the same.

A painted sign on a storefront in San Marcos. The Guatemalan people here know Jehovah's name and it appears everywhere. It seems that some of the influences to eradicate Jehovah's name from use (like the latest King James Version of the Bible and dictates from the Vatican) are not as influential in Central America; at least not Guatemala. God's name is more ingrained in culture in tradition, appearing on signs, trucks, tuks and t-shirts.

San Pedro

Morning view of San Pedro. At 10,000 ft elevation, clouds often get 'snagged' on the peak as they go by. When the clouds are just a bit lower, they form a 'halo' around the volcano.
The backdrop of Volcan San Pedro as we canvas the streets of San Pedro for English speakers.
No gym in San Pedro, so they make their own barbells and dumbbells.


Madisyn and her buddy Liz walking to the territory in Pana on a Saturday morning.
Sebastian and I ready to leave the Kingdom Hall. He loves his bike rides!

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