Some Lake it Hot

Sebastian and I got to spend some time together in the ministry while taking in some excellent views.
For this blog post, I thought I would share some more pictures for a look into some of our daily life here in Panajachel, Guatemala. Most days, the high temperature here is around 72-78º F (22-25º C), but some days may be 66º or 82º F (19º or 28º C). The lower temperatures can fool you though, as being over a mile in elevation puts you closer to the sun, and it can be intense!

A brother and I rode up to call back on someone that expressed interest in learning more about the Bible.
Along the way, we had to stop at the lookout and enjoy the completely unobstructed view of Lake Atitlán.
On a Friday, we board a boat to go preach in San Marcos. Not a bad looking group!
I have confirmed it – even after many trips across the Lake Atitlán, the view never gets old.
Madisyn out in the in ministry with Leiane and the rest of the group.
We are out in the ministry a lot, but we also take time to have fun and enjoy ourselves. This day, Leiane and the girls were in the ministry while I worked and watched Sebastian. After I was done working in the morning, we went shopping for a soccer ball and then had lunch at Taquiero Mucho, a great little restaurant where you can get three tacos for Q10 (about $1.50).
No, this is not just a random cat picture, but since it is the internet, it wouldn't really matter even if it was.
Meet Lyla, the first four legged member of our family here in Pana.

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