Life in Pictures - The Last Two Weeks

After seeing how clear the night sky was, perhaps the clearest since we've been here, Izabel and I went down to the lake at midnight to try and capture this – the Milky Way band right over the volcanoes at Lake Atitl├ín.
I find that, instead of typing a verbose (and potentially boring) commentary, that a few simple words to accompany interesting photos is a better way to convey what we've been up to in the last couple weeks.

Walking to the Kingdom Hall for our midweek meeting. Now that we have our scooters, we do use them a lot, but to tell the truth, I miss these walks. 
One of our hugely successful days in public witnessing. Drew and I were stationed at the lake this day, and I had videos playing in the Kaqchikel language. At first, just a couple kids noticed the videos playing in their native language. Then, others heard their native language and came looking, and soon, we looked up and saw that people were stopping just to see what everyone was looking was gathered around for. I think we had 13 or more at one time watching video after video.
On a midweek meeting, both Izabel and Madisyn were on stage.
Izabel had the initial call and Madisyn was being interviewed about the "Jehovah Created All Things" video.
Leiane public witnessing one late afternoon at one of the busiest spots in Panajachel, Calle Santander.
Izabel and I got to work together in the ministry on a Saturday. We had a pretty decent view!

After morning ministry with Izabel, we stopped for a pastry treat at one of the bakeries in Panajachel.
(Decent) pizza is not so easy to come by here; you won't find a Pizza Hut or Papa John's in Pana.
One night I decided to try out the grill and see if we could make something decent.
Chicken bacon barbecue pizza, fresh off the grill - not bad!
Sebastian helps Leiane during our outdoor cleaning at the Kingdom Hall. 
During our outdoor cleaning of the Kingdom Hall, men and women, young and old from English and Kaqchikel congregations worked together in harmony.
A view of Vulcan San Pedro at dusk during a visit to Santiago, across the lake from Panajachel.
A photo shot (with my dslr) the same night as the photo at the beginning of this blog post. On nights this clear, you can see the Milky Way band in the night sky. It looks pretty good with the naked eye, but even better with a 30 second exposure.

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