Catching Up!

I hadn't posted anything in a while, so it's time to catch up! I'll try to hit you with the highlights and some photos.

I'll start with some good stuff: I'm glad Leiane thought of the clothespin keepsakes for our going away get together - we get to remember our friends every time we do laundry (which is a lot)!

I remember what the previous coordinator (now back in the States) told me when we were corresponding months before we made the move. He said that our ministry here can be as interesting and exciting as we make it. We have really found that to be true. Whether it is Mondays up in Solalá Wednesdays public witnessing down by the lake, or Fridays going across the lake to one of the other towns, there are beautiful sights everywhere, and many humble and kind people in the territory. While we are seeking English speakers, we also get to witness to many locals in Spanish or Caqchikel, giving them Bibles or Bible literature or sharing Bible based videos with them in their native tongue. Leiane made a return visit in San Marcos and started a Bible study; I've never seen her so enthusiastic about the ministry. The kids too, are enjoying the different territory here, and the sisters in the congregation are being extremely kind in reaching out and making them feel at home.

There are plenty of occasions for upbuilding association with the congregation. Sometimes its a meal together after the public meeting on Sunday (below), a basketball game Sunday afternoon, or like on last Saturday, we had a small gathering with some from the congregation for a Nacho Libre party in which we watched the movie and enjoyed a meal together.

We are very glad to have somewhere to sit, but this furniture is a bit worn out; we are looking into getting it repaired/reupholstered.

And we are dealing with some leaks. Evidently the solvent used for joining the PVC piping only lasts a while. We've experienced three leaks within a couple days of each other, two of them inside walls which will be repaired later this week and entail cutting/chiseling into the wall.

My trigger finger was getting itchy, so when a couple in the congregation asked me to take some photos of them, I jumped at the opportunity. They had recently acquired a slick Vento scooter and wanted to do some shots in the style of one of the wife's favorite movies, Roman Holiday, with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

While it was a nice escape for me to be able to set up a shot with some off camera lighting, a cool looking scooter and a really good looking couple, the locals thought we were nuts.

The view sitting outside on our porch on a Sunday morning.

Some of the best things are the simplest ones. Like waking up before (almost) everyone else and sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee and the morning breeze.

The fly trap I made to keep flies away from the house.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest nuisances here in Panajachel are flies. I made a highly successful fly trap consisting of a small piece of raw chicken and some water in a glass jar, covered by black plastic with two small holes. A rotting apple core placed on top attracts the flies then they crawl inside once they sense the rotting meat, but then they can't get out. A few of these at remote locations in the yard drastically reduces how many get in our house.

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