Preaching in Sololá, Guatemala

Our field service group in the back of Neto's pickup truck on the way to Sololá.
For those that have been in the Lago Atitlán Inglés congregation for a while, making the ride to Sololá in the back of Neto's pickup truck is not something new, but as we found out in our first outing, it is always exciting! Having a fun, energetic and positive group really makes a day in the ministry feel enjoyable and successful (no matter where in the world you are).

Some of the sights during our pickup truck ride on our way to preach in Sololá, Guatemala.

Some of my favorite sights around Panajachel are those on the ride between there and Sololá, so I was very happy to get to make this trip twice today. With very curvy roads and steep inclines though, we were all clenching our core muscles (and others) to make sure we did not fall off the truck – don't worry grandmas, we were careful.

Sebastian and I man the literature cart just outside the Parque Central in Sololá.
Mike Rodriguez, Sebastian and I were queued up for public witnessing with the cart just outside the central park in Sololá (Parque Central de Sololá). We greeted many smiling faces, including a brother from San Juan (Spanish congregation) who bought Mike and I a cup of coffee from the café in the background in the above picture. The most popular publications people wanted are, in order: My Book of Bible Stories (can't keep it in stock), Questions Young People Ask, Answers that Work and then What Does the Bible Really Teach.

This guy played dead in front of our cart for about five minutes! I think he was expecting a reward. 
Sebastian looking rather stylish in front of the Sololá backdrop.
For lunch the group convened at a café (that serves the best chai tea I've ever had). Afterwards, we stopped for a return visit before returning to the Kingdom Hall.

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