Preaching in Santa Cruz

Over the mountain and through the hills... we go preaching in Santa Cruz.
There are a number of towns on the lake, and it seems that we find out about more of them the longer we are here. Despite common initial perception, Panajachel is not the largest or most populous of them. In fact, Santiago is host to over twice the number of Panajachel's 14,000 residents. Our congregation, Lago Atitlán Inglés, has as its territory all English speaking residents in the towns on the lake: Panajachel (where the Kingdom Hall is located), San Pedro, San Marcos, Santiago and Sololá (not actually on the lake). We do public (cart/stand) witnessing, territory and canvassing in all these areas.

Last Friday we had the opportunity to go to Santa Cruz for the first time, all six of us! The boat ride from the Panajachel dock was pleasant and sunny (at this elevation (5,300ft/1,600m) you really feel the sun, even though the temperature may only get to 75ºF/24ºC). After arriving, we walked to the end of a territory to then work our way back. As you can see in the photos and video below, the scenery is amazingly beautiful.

Walking across the makeshift walkway to get to the territory. 
A view from Sebastian's perspective as we walk along the lake.
To the left you can see docks that are now covered by the slowly rising lake level.
Gorgeous panorama of the landscape as Madisyn catches up to the rest of the group.
A video of the sights during our trek through Santa Cruz.


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