Our Move to Panajachel, Guatemala - Day 3 of 3

Road trip! Thursday was a long and mostly winding road, except for this stretch through Chimaltenango. 
Thursday morning after breakfast, loaded up our private collectiva (transit van with driver that we rent for the day) and started our journey from Guatemala City to Panajachel. Guatemala City is not pretty, not a single part of it that we saw. Exhaust from vehicles clouds the streets and a multitude of signage fills one's field of view. There are no traffic laws, it seems, so the streets are unmanaged chaos; we were just glad not be driving. The next city of note on the way was Chimaltenango, which was more of a straight shot, and still had its share of traffic, pollution and seeming lack of law. The further we got from these cities, the more the view improved. The more rural and mountainous it became, the less traffic we saw and beautiful countryside emerged. 

Some of the beautiful countryside en route to 
Along the way I noticed the scenery was different from our last trip. I checked out the GPS on my phone and realized that we were indeed going a different way. I asked the driver (in my best Spanish) if we were taking a different route and he told me that there were heavy rains and the route through Sololá would have added an hour to our trip. Instead we trekked through horrendous roads and beautiful countryside.

We arrived at our house at about 4:30pm, unloaded our luggage and talked for a bit with the three brothers from Georgia, USA (Pierce, Drew and Michael) who had been housesitting for us. We ended the day with dinner with the brothers at Chef Alex restaurant and a tuk ride home before collapsing in our beds. Tomorrow's task - upacking, etc, etc.


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