Our Move to Panajachel, Guatemala - Day 2 of 3

Six - ready for takeoff! Our first flight was at 7:30am from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale.
Picking up from the last blog post, we woke early on Wednesday morning. I'm talking Wisconsin pig farmer early, like 3:15am. We needed to get the few things in our hotel room together, get our luggage from the secured holding at the hotel, get loaded on the 4:00am shuttle to the airport so that we would arrive at 4:30am.

Everything went pretty well according to plan...actually it turned out better than we planned! We had already purchased all of our checked luggage online, but we were prepared to pay a hefty additional fee, as all bags over 40 pounds carry extra cost per pound, and only three of our 13 checked bags were under 40 pounds! It didn't hit us until later, while about to go through security, that Leiane exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! We forgot to pay for our luggage!" We thought back a moment and remembered the lady at the counter finishing up with our luggage and saying, "Ok, you're good to go." Did she forget to charge us hundreds of dollars? Did we need to go back and ask? Would our luggage make it if we didn't? I made the call that we had done all we needed, and we went on, hopeful everything would arrive in Guatemala City as planned.

Threatening skies as we land at Fort Lauderdale airport.
The flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale was the first for Evie, Izabel and Madisyn, and we had no idea how they would react. Fortunately, the flight was pretty smooth and for the most part everyone liked the experience, even Leiane didn't complain. The only difficult part was that once we landed, we had to hurry off, rush to the other end of the airport to the gate for our next flight because it was scheduled to take off within just a few minutes of landing.

On our second flight, from Fort Lauderdale to Guatemala City, somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, Sebastian waves goodbye to the United States.
The flight from Fort Lauderdale to Guatemala City was just as pleasant, and it seemed over pretty quickly. Before we knew it we were about to land.

The view of Guatemala as we begin our descent.
After landing in Guatemala, we somewhat nervously made our way to luggage claim, worried that either all of our luggage didn't make it, or that some of it was lost. To our pleasant surprise, all of our luggage made it, safe and sound! We quickly made it through customs, had our luggage loaded onto the hotel's shuttle van and shortly arrived at our hotel in Guatemala City.

The first thing we did when we got to our room? A three hour nap for everyone, even the ones that said they weren't tired! After we woke, we went to the sports themed restaurant inside the hotel for dinner, promptly ignored the mandatory wait time and went straight for the swimming pool. Then, time for more sleep; there was more travel the next day – a three hour drive to our new home!

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