Fire Up the Grill!

The monster grill/smoker/oven at our house finally got put to work.
Ever since I saw photos of the house we are now living in, I was excited to cook on this grill. Then, once I stood before it in person, I was intimidated. In the picture above, you can see it has a smoker on the left, grill in the middle an oven on the right. It came equipped with all the wood I would need, so what was I afraid of? Well, I had never cooked on anything so rudimentary before; but I was up for the challenge!

I removed the grill section, started a fire and waited for it to burn down to coals. Then I spread the coals, replaced the grill and placed the hamburger patties on it. Moments later...

Great burgers from my first effort on the grill at our house.

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