Two Weeks

No fancy words or pictures for this post, just an update:

After an exhausting day of travel, we arrived safely back in South Carolina at about 4:20am on Tuesday, May 24th. We have about two weeks to assess what, out of our pared down belongings, we are bringing with us and what things don't make the cut. This process is a little emotional and stressful, as there are some things that we want to keep, but since they are not needs, it is neither practical nor cheap to bring them along. Also, during our initial two weeks in Pana, we took note of some items that we need to obtain in the States and bring with us in our luggage.

During our two weeks in the States, before returning to Guatemala, we will be busy!
Here's what is going on for us in these two weeks:

  • take Evie to the orthodontist to get her braces off
  • obtain various items that are not easily obtainable in Guatemala
  • make final decisions on what is coming with us and what is being donated/sold/given away
  • close on the sale of our home June 6th (we fly out June 8th - talk about cutting it close!)
  • sell our car (2006 Kia Optima LX V6, if anyone is interested... I can send details)
  • sell our van (2005 Chrysler Town & Country V6, if anyone is interested... I can send details)
  • attend multiple invites to friends homes for meals/visits
  • get updated family photos
  • going away get-together with our congregation friends and family!
    (3pm, Saturday, June 4th at 2001 Hood Rd, Greer, SC)
    (While we greatly appreciate generosity and support, we regret that we can only take flat gifts or mementos with us in our luggage. Please call Betty Thomason @ 864-437-7253 to RSVP and about bringing food or drinks.)
I know there are other things to do, things probably floating around in our heads, and we hope to get it all done in time (we will). So many of you have been incredibly supportive – practically and emotionally – and we are sooooooo grateful to you and to Jehovah that we have such great friends and family. Jehovah has blessed our efforts and seen us through some trials and tests, and we are excited to begin this chapter as a family.

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