Bears In Pana: Day 6

A shot across the lake from one of the docks at Panajachel.
Today was mostly uneventful, mostly taking care of some 'business' and things around the house. I was able to order water refills and a new gas tank over the phone (all in Spanish). From the other room, Leiane said I sounded really good (fooling her is one thing...).

Sebastian is fine, but Leiane and I both felt kind of bad for most of the day – we got one of the 'bugs' from down here. We think it was from the restaurant we ate at on Saturday. We are trying so hard to be careful and to listen to everyone's advice, but there's nothing like personal experience to teach you a lesson (unfortunately).

I thought it might do me well to try walking a bit, so I grabbed my camera (my therapy) and walked down to the lake; something I've wanted to do since we got here, but haven't been able to. It took me about thirty minutes at a brisk pace to reach the dock, and my timing was right as the sun was just setting, but there was a lot of haze and low lying clouds across the lake. The photo above was the best I could get.

The waterfall right by our house. We leave our window open every night and fall asleep listening to it.
We have been told that this waterfall increases in size by 3-4 times at the peak of rainy season.

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