Bears In Pana: Day 5

All About the Haul (Hall)

Our fifth day in Guatemala was marked by our first congregation meeting at the Kingdom Hall here in Panajachel (10:00am). I was asked to give the public talk, and we wanted to be extra sure we weren't late. We could have walked, but instead took a tuk and ended up being the second arrival, which was great because we got to welcome everyone else.

Sebastian on our tuk ride to the Kingdom Hall, excited for his first meeting with our new congregation.

A photo of the Kingdom Hall before the meeting started. See the two year texts on the left and right? They are cabinets for the televisions; they are hinged on the wall side and swing open to reveal the televisions. On the left are the next youngest kids in the congregation, Loren (14) and Attie Rose (11), and on the left are Neto (the coordinator and only elder) and Jesse (far right).

It is a small, but warm and inviting congregation, and they didn't throw tomatoes during my talk, so either there weren't any at the market or they didn't think the talk was that bad. The WatchTower study was excellent, with heartfelt and thoughtful comments from everyone in attendance (I really do think everyone commented at least once, including a Bible student and Sebastian).

An excellent WatchTower study today! Andy Perez (left) makes a comment (and was the reader) while Neto conducts. Neto is fluent in Spanish, Kaqchikel and English (though he would say otherwise about the latter). Andy and his wife Natalie have been in Panajachel since the beginning of the English congregation here.

After the meeting we were graciously hosted by Bill and Nancy Gross, and a few others joined us; I think we had 11 all together. We were taken to a Japanese restaurant for sushi, miso soup (Leiane's favorite) and fried tuna - yummy. It was great opportunity for us to get to know our new brothers and sisters better as well as get much needed advice for (successfully) living here.

Sebastian rode with Andy and Natalie Perez to the restaurant; afterwards Sebastian wanted to show us what he learned.

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