Bears In Pana: Day 10

A view across the lake from one of the docks at Panajachel.
Today I knew I had a lot of work to do, so I started the day with a walk down to the dock to try and get some of those shots across the lake I've wanted since I got here. Afterwards, I took the long way home, walking through the market to get a couple fresh avocados to go with breakfast. The photowalk and breakfast were highlights of the day, until the evening. It started to rain heavily around 6:00pm, but we had already decided to go out for dinner, so we caught a tuk and went to the only restaurant we really know of here – Guajimbos, owned by a local brother here. Imagine our surprise that when we showed up, quite a few from the congregation was there! Needless to say, we had a great time.

Cool scenery of one of the farms on our road.

The waterfall across the road from our house.

A view of one of the volcanoes across the lake from up river.
Yes, that's a river; it may seem like a creek now, but whenever it rains, it is really flowing.

The gourmet breakfast Leiane made when I got home from my walk. Yogurt with pineapple, granola and honey, and an omelet with bacon, black beans, cheese, topped with ranchero sauce and avocado on the side, paired with a sparkling orange juice.

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