Opportunity to Rely on Jehovah

Well, this definitely is not the news that I hoped to be posting as an update, but as Leiane told me, "how can our friends support and encourage us if they don't know."

So here is the news: we just found out yesterday that the buyer for our house cannot complete the sale. Our hearts sank when we got the news, but immediately Leiane and I made great effort to keep each other upbuilt, and then got back to work trying to find another buyer.

While Jehovah does not try us, he does allow us to build our endurance. It is, after all, the 'tested quality' of faith that produces endurance, so that we can be complete and not lacking (James 1:2-4).

We are resolved, as we have been from the beginning, to follow through with our plans. We just have a tighter timeline to work with now.

We want to say THANK YOU in advance to all of our friends and family for all the encouragement and support - you have no idea how much it keeps us going, especially on days like today. We love you all.

Given the circumstance, I am taking opportunity to post the picture below in hopes of engendering interest in the purchase of our home. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone, whether they are looking to move to the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area or if they are looking for an investment property.

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