Tasting and Seeing (That Jehovah Is Good!)

Just a quick post to announce our good news!

With our upcoming move, two of our biggest concerns, the sale of our home here in the States and finding decent housing in Guatemala, were committed to Jehovah in prayer. After putting our house up for sale (our first time) and being told it could take six to nine months to sell, we didn't know quite what to expect, but we threw that burden on Jehovah and left it there. Jehovah, of course, is not subject to trends or the forecast of industry experts – after just a month and a half, our house is under contract for sale! As if that wasn't enough good news (it is), on the same day we had an accepted offer for our house, we also found a great house to rent in Guatemala from a brother that lives in the Canary Islands (I'll talk a little more about that in another post).

Now here's the really, really good stuff. Our original plans had us moving out of our house and having it up for sale by January 1st, and we were praying specifically that we would have an accepted offer by February 15th - in about 45 days. Well, our plans got a little delayed, and we weren't out of the house with it up for sale until January 29th. At this point we did not think that February 15th would happen, and it didn't. After we signed the contract tonite, though, I had a moment of realization: We had the house up for sale on January 29th and had an accepted offer by March 11th – just under 45 days! It's as if Jehovah heard our prayer and the timeline for the request, and said "Yes I can make that happen," but since we didn't have the house up for sale when we originally planned, the 45 day countdown didn't start until it was ready. As I related this realization to Leiane, we were both in awe, remembering how much and how hard we prayed and how hard we worked to make everything happen, and how well Jehovah has answered our prayers – better than we imagined.

For anyone thinking about reaching out to serve where the need is greater (with or without children), or trying to simplify in order to put Kingdom interests first, I exhort you: "taste and see that Jehovah is GOOD!" (Psalm 34:8).

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