Moving Out and Moving On

A view from the backyard of our (previous) home, where we lived for 16 years.

It may not seem like a lot to some that have moved before, but this is a pretty big deal for us, and in a figurative way, marks a major point in our lives and this journey.

Just a little over two weeks ago we moved out of our home and into my grandmother's house, where we will be living until our move to Guatemala, which is in just a few months. At first we were quite proud of ourselves at how much 'stuff' we have gotten rid of, making the move to our current location fairly easy. But when we stopped to think about what we are taking with us to Guatemala, we realize we still have to trim down a bit more.

This has been a good process though, as it is teaching us to simplify incrementally. We have moved from a 2,000 sq ft home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms into a smaller home of which some is storage space, so I estimate we live in about 1,000 sq ft or less, with two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. That's not a lot of space for six people! But - we have food, clothing and a place to lay our heads, so we thank Jehovah every day for fulfilling his promise through Jesus at Matthew 6:33. Besides, I know that a lot of people in the world have much less, and it is too soon to know exactly what our housing situation will be in Guatemala - it could likely be smaller.

Mondo in his new home/yard with his new brother Bo, a four year old Golden Retriever.

In other news, we found a great home for Mondo; this was definitely bittersweet. I was glad to have found such a good home for him, but he is the best dog ever, the dog I always wanted. I know I haven't shed my last tear over him. Though I may get 100 dogs (Mark 10:30), I dare say I could ever replace Raimondo.

Up next for us: muchas oraciones (many prayers). Before we can move, we need to sell our house, which is up for sale (links below), and we are full of faith that this will happen quickly. We are also coping with and preparing for the anxieties and emotional strains we know that will accompany the joys we will experience. The kids will in one moment exclaim how they feel so sure Jehovah is helping us and how much they are looking forward to the move, and in another moment be crying uncontrollably, saying they can't leave their home, family and friends. Leiane and I have our ups and downs too, and while it's a roller coaster for sure, we plan on riding to the end.

Part of preparing ourselves is acknowledging all of our 'lasts' - our last winter, for instance (glad we got to see some snow). Some 'lasts' are simple and easy - like my last commute to work on the interstate - while others will tug more at the heartstrings. A number of these moments don't strike us until we are right there smack dab in the middle of them. 

Sebastian's last dentist visit before we leave. Isn't he handsome/cute?!

If anyone is looking to move into the Greenville, Greer, Spartanburg or Simpsonville area, our house is up for sale and is close to each of these cities. It could also be a good investment property if you are looking. Please call or email for more information: 864-304-0774 or

Here are the links for more information about our house for sale:

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