It's the Little Things

As I look at past blogs, I realize that I have only been posting big news and events. Over the last couple days, I was reminded that the little things that happen are noteworthy too. When you stop to consider and appreciate them, you may just find your perspective corrected and your outlook improved. The psalmist Asaph surely benefited when he considered the little things and corrected his perspective (Psalm 73). As can be the case with all of us, the big things caused him to have false reasoning and nearly overcame him. Taking the time, though, to perceive the actuality of circumstances - recounting the little things - he regained stability.

After another busy weekend, Monday hit with a vengeance. While I was at work getting frustrated, Leiane was at home doing the same. After arriving home, I spent nearly the entire evening either comforting those who were crying or counseling those that caused the crying, or both. I put forth great effort to apply the counsel fresh in my mind from the WatchTower study from the day before: "Use the Power of Your Tongue for Good." As I look back, I felt unusually empowered to deal with the circumstances and very much in control. By making practical application of the Bible-based counsel, the power of Jehovah's holy spirit was evident to me. In retrospect, the events of the following day seemed to present this manic Monday as a test of our mettle.

Tuesday greeted us with a number of blessings – little things. After a few days of no phone calls or emails from persons interested in purchasing our home (which has to sell before our move), I received an email and two phone calls early in the day. Before the day was done, Leiane had shown our home to two couples, both of them in love with the house and property.

Next, I get connected with a brother serving in the Spanish congregation in Panajachel / Lago Atitlán, Solola, Guatemala. He has been serving where the need is greater for 15 years, and three years at this location, and one of those in Spanish. We had a great conversation and his experience and words of encouragement were invigorating and reaffirming. Since we used Voxer (smartphone app) for our conversation, it was all recorded and I was able to enjoy hearing it again with Leiane that evening.

To end the day was yet one more 'little thing.' A brother had become aware of an item we were trying to acquire in preparation for our move to Guatemala. At first he recommended a couple of websites for this item, but within just a few moments, he told us to save our money, that he had us 'covered.' While we are not making the financial aspect of our preparations the main focus, it is indeed something we are counting the cost of (Luke 14:28). This act of generosity, another by a dear sister last week, along with the hospitality, encouragement and support of all our brothers, sisters, family and friends all touch our hearts when we take time to recount these little things.

After taking time to appreciate the events of the last couple days, recount the blessings and prayerfully express my gratitude, I am filled with great confidence and excitement. I'll end this post with how I feel at this moment: I can't wait to serve where the need is greater with my wife and children.

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