Plans are Solidifying!
(And Our Timeline Moves Up)

As of today, we have yet to hear from Malta, Ireland or South Africa, and I am starting to think that may be an answer in itself. We did hear from Macedonia: there are no English groups or congregations in Macedonia, and even if there were, after staying in the country for 90 days, you have to leave for 90 days; also, getting residency is nearly impossible. We also heard from Ecuador: no current need in English.

From the invite to go serve in Guatemala a couple weeks ago, we have made a few other contacts that have helped us allay fears, answer questions and count the cost; this has been a great blessing from Jehovah. The city life (Guatemala City) does not appeal to us, so we were left looking at the two other English congregations in Guatemala, Antigua and Panajachel. We were very happy to make contact with a couple from Georgia, USA in the Panajachel Spanish congregation and a family of four (son 14 and daughter 10) from Missouri in Panajachel English. It was so great to talk to another family that has done this! Instant messaging probably would have been more efficient, but we exchanged about 25 emails last night. They were so helpful in answering all the questions we had, and even sent us pictures of the Kingdom Hall, their family at home, and out in the ministry. When they found out we would be moving to Guatemala next year, I think they were nearly as excited to have another family moving in.

Inside the Panajachel Kingdom Hall
Panajachel English Congregation
Meeting for field service one morning on Lake Atitlán

We have been trying to make sure and respect the kids' feelings and get their input throughout this process, and to be honest, they have some viable fears. I asked them, "Why are people afraid of a dark room?" They replied, "Because they don't know what is in there or are afraid there may be something scary in there." Once the light is turned on and you can see what is in the room, the fear subsides. So last night was HUGE for the kids as the pictures shared with us painted a picture of life there. Evie especially had the biggest change of heart; she even told me that if she got afraid again, to remind her of this night; she was truly excited.

SO, we are about 95% (or 96% or 97%) settled on moving to serve in Panajachel English congregation in Guatemala. The congregation there consists of about 25 publishers, 2 elders and 1 ministerial servant.

As far as the timeline goes, we found out that airfare is cheaper at the beginning of the 'rainy season' so we altered plans to take advantage of this. Our current plans are to move out of our home within two months (end of the year), and be living in my grandmother's home until we are ready to leave. Once our house sells* this will give us great opportunity to save funds until we move. We are planning a 1-2 week visit in May to get a 'lay of the land,' secure a rental home and take care of other necessary business. After returning home, we will finalize business here in the States and make the final move to Guatemala in June. Yeah - it just got really real! This is happening.

Undoubtedly one of the hardest parts will be leaving behind our dear family, friends and congregation, so your encouragement and positive remarks have been greatly appreciated.

*We have not 'listed' our home for sale yet, but in the hopes of a quick and easy sale, we wanted to let everyone know we are selling our house. Please let me know if you are interested. Quick specs: 2007 4BR/3BA home 1,940 sq ft, jack-n-jill bedroom/bathroom, living room, den with fireplace, includes appliances, pool and deck/patio, on 1 acre (.97) of land; very private, 9 minutes from the Kingdom Hall on Anderson Ridge Rd and 11 minutes from Five Forks. We will sell furnished as-is or without furnishings. 623 Bill Pearson Road, Woodruff, SC 29388. Please email me at for more information.

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