Writing to Where the Need is Greater

I made use of my day off today by completing letters to the service departments of the branches that oversee preaching activity in the countries we are considering. Along with the letter of recommendation from my congregation service committee, I have sent these letters to the U.S. branch service department, and they will be forwarding to the appropriate branches on my behalf; which I am grateful for, as this will be faster and more reliable than 'snail mail.'

Here are the countries we are considering:
Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama and South Africa.

Once we hear back, we will start doing more research into details for each country and, along with prayers for direction, be able to start eliminating countries that aren't best suited for us. Depending on how long it takes to hear back and do the needed research, we hope to have a pretty good idea of which country we will be moving to by sometime in October.

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